The new RW0.5i is a simplified version of the RW0.5 that uses impeller mixers instead of paddle wheels.  The impellers provide an adjustable speed mixing that integrates directly into the control system.  The RW0.5i uses the same raceways, stand, and accessories as the standard RW0.5 but eliminates the paddles, motor, and VFD.

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The new impeller mixed Algae Raceway allows for a much simpler installation. Operation is controlled directly through neptune control system. A channelized flow is achieved by directing the impeller down one side of the raceway.

Magnetic mount impeller mixer

The 24V DC impeller mixer is installed with a magnetic mounting bracket. A single wire is used for both power and control. The mixer automatically stops if it is pulled out of the water or the water level becomes too low preventing accidental burn out.

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Major cost savings

By eliminating the paddle wheel, the total cost of equipment is greatly reduced. The impeller mixer is simple and effective for mixing most types of algae cultures. We do not recommend using the impeller mixer for shear-sensitive or flocculated cultures. In the future, if your mixing requirements change, a paddle-wheel is compatible with this system and can be added on.

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