Small raceways intended for initial inoculation culture development or programs just getting started in algae research.  The culture area of this raceway is 0.5 m² and the volume is 100 liters at maximum depth of 20 cm.  Stands elevate the ponds (0.6 m) to allow for easy draining to down stream processes.  The smaller design allows you to operate more raceways efficiently and enables duplicate and triplicate experiments.

Paddle wheel safety feature MicroBio Engineering


Safety is #1

Automatic slip feature on paddle wheel prevents injury to persons and damage to raceway. 

Product Details

  • 0.5-m2 cultivation area per pond

  • 100-liter volume Per Pond

  • 0.2-m max operating depth

  • 0.6-m elevation from pond bottom

  • Paired raceways with single paddle wheel motor

  • Automatic paddle wheel slip feature

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