Bubble Column Array (PBR)

Bubble Column Array, (PBR)

The MBE Bubble Column Array PBR features fourteen 800 mL glass column reactors, allowing for multiple simultaneous experimental conditions. The simplicity of the design allows for manageable operations and the large volumes allow for dry weight measurements.  The energy efficient LED has a maximum light intensity of 1,600  μmol/m²-s, dispersed evenly across the width of the array for reproducible experiments. An integrated temperature controlled water bath allows for a wide range of culture temperatures (8-34°C).


Why pay for single reactor PBR when you can get 14 in one complete setup.

Total cost $7,900 USD*

*Price does not include shipping/freight or metal table shown.

Bubble Column Array, PBR
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The MBE Bubble Column Array PhotoBioReactor comes with everything needed to get your team started.

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800 mL glass bubble columns are autoclaveable.


The integrated water bath temperature is controlled with a supplied chiller

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Bubble Column array gas proportioner.jpg

Integrated gas proportioner - 0.5 – 10 % (CO2:Air)


Gas manifold with individual control valves.

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Bubble Column array adustable pressure relief valve.jpg

Adjustable pressure relief valve for consistent gas supply


Chiller with three-way valve for convenient water bath draining

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