Algae raceways for commercial production of spirulina or other specialty algae



Algae Raceways designed for small-scale commercial production.

Designed for spirulina micro-farms or those looking to scale-up culture to large outdoor production ponds, these pre-fabricated RW200-600 algae raceways can be implemented quickly to get you growing your product. The cultivation area can of this model can range between 200m² up to 600m². These raceways are provided as complete kits with a FRP paddle wheel, plastic membrane liner, and an integrated greenhouse/hoop-house with ventilation system.


Paddle wheel mixing for gentle/efficient mixing

This standardized 15ft (4.5m) paddle wheel is installed with narrow gaps between the paddle blades and pond channel decrease any backflow. Larger diameter paddle wheel improves the angle of the blade-to-water entry point which decreases turbulence and decreases overall paddle rotational speed.


14-ft paddle wheel.jpg

Shipped to you as a complete kit in a single shipping container


Standard agriculture hoop house construction

Ventilation allows for a tightly controlled system at a fraction of the cost of a typical glass/plastic tube photo-bioreactor


20181015_132848 (1).jpg

Use of a pre-designed/pre-fabricated Algae Raceway simplifies your expansion and lets you focus on your product.


Corrugated metal rounded end walls


400-m2 pond.jpg

Standardized 30ft (9.1m) width allows for multiple lengths of raceways up to (600 m²)


Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) paddle wheel

Use of a composite paddle shaft and hub allows for high corrosion resistance while simultaneously reducing weight which improves efficiency and installation.

Food-grade UV-blocking epoxy coating