Algae are a source of High quality protein and fatty acids which boost IMMUNE support

Animal Feeds and supplements

Algae is an excellent supplement for animal feeds and can boost immune support with essential amino acids.  MBE can help design and coordinate feeding trials, arrange algae supply, and help with strategic planning.  Improve your product line by supplying your animals with high quality algae supplements.

  • Enhance essential amino acids for increased immune spoort
  • Secure feed supply chain through diversification
  • Lower green house gasses and generate carbon credits.  




MBE can help you design an algae production facility to meet your needs for.

  • Feasiblity reports
  • Techno-economic analysis (TEA)
  • Life cycle assessments (LCA)
  • Facility design
  • Pilot equipment
  • Experimental planning and review

Algae amino acid comparison to soybeans

Algae vs Soybeans - Essential Amino Acids Table (1).JPG