The work horse of the research field.  This raceway is the perfect size for outdoor research in culture development. 950 liters of volume allows for biomass harvesting for analytical research.  This new design features an integrated center divider island that helps prevent contamination. 

Integrated Center Baffle of the RW3.4 MicroBio Engineering

Cleaning is VERY important

THe new RW3.4 algae raceway features an integrated center divider and a simplified paddle wheel all which make cleaning much easier.

Easy to clean paddle wheel of Algae Raceway Pond MicroBio Engineering

Your choice of motor to paddle coupler style

Jaw in shear coupler for algae raceway ponds MicroBio Engineering

Jaw in Shear Coupler

Good for out door applications where the is expected to be a lot of wind.  Only used on the RW3.4 as an option.




Magnetic coupler for algae raceway ponds MicroBio Engineering

Magnetic Coupler

Good for applications where you need to keep inexpeirenced users safe.  Not ideal for very windy conditions for the RW3.4.  Always is used on the RW0.5


Product Details

  • 3.4-m2 Cultivation area

  • 950-liter volume

  • 15 - 30-cm operating depth

  • Elevated above ground by 0.3-m

  • New integrated center divider

  • removable easily-cleaned stainless paddle wheel

  • UV resistant HDPE plastic

  • Floor drains

  • Maintenance-Free Washdown gear motor

  • Easy to assemble Plastic rack


26-min Set Up Time

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