RW22 MBE Algae Raceway 22m2
RW29 Algae Raceway 28m2

PreFab Algae Raceways up to 101 m²

This first-of-a-kind prefabricated Algae Raceway featuring APIAC technology is intended for medium to large-scale operations.  Take the guesswork out of building your own algae raceways with these patent-pending modular algae ponds, ranging in size from 22 to 101 m² (6.5 to 30 m³).  Don't waste your time designing from scratch, sourcing the materials from countless vendors, then dealing with complicated custom installations. 

RW22-RW101 sizes are sold as complete and integrated systems including containment walls, liner, paddle wheels, and optional control systems.  Installation is quick and painless with no specialty labor or contractors needed. The only site requirements are level, compacted ground and a 110-230 VAC, 50-60Hz power source.

Accelerate your scale-up 

Algae raceway

Prefabricated Algae Raceways 

  • Quick and easy assembly

  • No civil construction required aside from a leveled and compacted site

  • No specialized contractors required

Modular design

  • Variable lengths to meet area requirements

  • Every critical piece of the system was designed from the ground up to work together

  • Entire system can be relocated as needs change

Algae Raceways come in twelve different sizes

Algae Raceway Details

*All lengths are inside dimensions

Modular Algae Raceway comes in 12 Sizes
Detailed sizes for RW22-RW101 Algae Raceway Ponds MicroBio Engineering

Drop-in Liner

  • Factory fabricated liner custom pre-fitted for your Algae Raceway 

  • No field welding or sealing

  • NSF61 potable water grade liner




Drop in liner for Algae Raceway

Robust steel wall and support system

  • Strong corrosion resistant materials

  • Complies with international import regulations

Steel wall and support system for Algae Raceway
Paddlewheel for Algae Raceway

Pre-assembled paddle wheel

  • 316 Stainless steel paddle wheel for superior corrosion resistance and long life

  • Gearmotor and control box are delivered ready to run

Center divider and turning vanes for Algae Raceway

Center divider and turning vanes

  • Drop-in liner contains a baffle curtain style center divider

  • Turning vanes decrease dead zones and improve mixing efficiency

  • Additional turning vanes can easily be added and all vanes can be repositioned as desired

Algae raceway debris screen

Debris Screen

  • Removable stainless steel debris screen prevents objects from entering paddle wheel zone

APIAC is a registered trademark of Colorado Lining International

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