Design and Engineering


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Feasibility Analysis

We provide custom feasibility analyses for projects to help determine the best commercial pathway. With your input we tailor the analysis to consider your location and climate, current capabilities, water sources, any preliminary research data you have generated, and other co-product/resource integration. 

The analysis can detail the use of algae as a feed for animals, biofuel, or for industrial/agricultural wastewater treatment, with descriptions of alternative algae species for each as applicable. Using the latest information from vendors and suppliers we can prepare a review of harvesting, dewatering, drying technologies, and any conversion or upgrading requirements. This type of information and data is not available from publications or websites and would be specifically tailored for your project. 


Custom Facility Design and Layout


MicroBio Engineering can design a custom facility for your application including 3D-Rendered layouts to present your project.   



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Process Engineering

Algae process engineering


Detailed Design & Implementation

We can provide custom detailed design and installation oversight for your facility. 

Our project engineers are highly experienced in delivering quality products to customers around the world. 

Let our team help you implement your next project.