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Design + Engineering

MicroBio Engineering, Inc. (MBE) is an engineering and technology company specializing in integrated processes for producing microalgae for biofuels, wastewater reclamation, and high-value products.  This concept is most fully embodied in our RNEW® process:  Reclamation of Nutrients, Energy, and Water. RNEW® allows communities and industries in warm climates to take advantage of their solar resource to greatly lower the cost of wastewater treatment, recycle nutrients, and produce algae biofuel feedstock.

Our services include preparation of engineering studies from initial feasibility through detailed design and specifications.  We also plan and execute pilot and laboratory studies with utility, commercial, and university partners in the US and worldwide.

Governments and industries are recognizing the strategic link between energy, water, and climate change.  For the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, water is the #1 problem:  “Water and its availability and quality will be the main …issue for societies and the environment under climate change” (IPCC 2007).  Degraded water quality and water availability will increase costs for agriculture, communities, and many industries, but algae systems offer a low-cost way to reclaim water to help alleviate water shortage.

The US National Academy of Engineers expands this analysis in a list of global “Grand Engineering Challenges” for the coming years.  Algae technologies can impact three of them:  (1) manage the nitrogen cycle including marine dead zones, (2) manage carbon dioxide, and (3) provide clean water.  “Peak phosphorus” is another coming crisis that our algae recycling technology addresses. 

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS) are another driver for our clients.  MicroBio Engineering, Inc. capabilities are strategic for relieving some of society’s most important pressure points.  We have the unique technology and methods and the decades of experience needed to provide our clients with reliable engineering information, far beyond the capabilities of new-comers to the field of algae wastewater treatment and biofuels.