Meet the line up


  • 0.5 m² each

  • 100 liter each


  • 3.4 m²

  • 950 liters


  • Same size as the RW0.5

  • Impeller Mixed


  • 22-101 m²

  • 6.5-30.2 m³


The new RW0.5i is a simplified version of the RW0.5 that uses impeller mixers instead of paddle wheels.  The impellers provide an adjustable speed mixing that integrates directly into the control system.  The RW0.5i uses the same raceways, stand, and accessories as the standard RW0.5 but eliminates the paddles, motor, and VFD.

Algae Raceway Pond Production Research Wastewater biofuels MicroBio Engineering


The new impeller mixed Algae Raceway allows for a much simpler installation. Operation is controlled directly through neptune control system. A channelized flow is achieved by directing the impeller down one side of the raceway.

Magnetic mount impeller mixer

The 24V DC impeller mixer is installed with a magnetic mounting bracket. A single wire is used for both power and control. The mixer automatically stops if it is pulled out of the water or the water level becomes too low preventing accidental burn out.

Impeller center divider, diffuser.jpg

Major cost savings

By eliminating the paddle wheel, the total cost of equipment is greatly reduced. The impeller mixer is simple and effective for mixing most types of algae cultures. We do not recommend using the impeller mixer for shear-sensitive or flocculated cultures. In the future, if your mixing requirements change, a paddle-wheel is compatible with this system and can be added on.


Small raceways intended for initial inoculation culture development or programs just getting started in algae research.  The culture area of this raceway is 0.5 m² and the volume is 100 liters at maximum depth of 20 cm.  Stands elevate the ponds (0.6 m) to allow for easy draining to down stream processes.  The smaller design allows you to operate more raceways efficiently and enables duplicate and triplicate experiments.

Paddle wheel safety feature MicroBio Engineering


Safety is #1

Automatic slip feature on paddle wheel prevents injury to persons and damage to raceway. 

Product Details

  • 0.5-m2 cultivation area per pond

  • 100-liter volume Per Pond

  • 0.2-m max operating depth

  • 0.6-m elevation from pond bottom

  • Paired raceways with single paddle wheel motor

  • Automatic paddle wheel slip feature

RW3.4  (Now Shipping)

The work horse of the research field.  This raceway is the perfect size for outdoor research in culture development. 950 liters of volume allows for biomass harvesting for analytical research.  This new design features an integrated center divider island that helps prevent contamination. 

Integrated Center Baffle of the RW3.4 MicroBio Engineering

Cleaning is VERY important

THe new RW3.4 algae raceway features an integrated center divider and a simplified paddle wheel all which make cleaning much easier.

Easy to clean paddle wheel of Algae Raceway Pond MicroBio Engineering

Your choice of motor to paddle coupler style

Jaw in shear coupler for algae raceway ponds MicroBio Engineering

Jaw in Shear Coupler

Good for out door applications where the is expected to be a lot of wind.  Only used on the RW3.4 as an option.




Magnetic coupler for algae raceway ponds MicroBio Engineering

Magnetic Coupler

Good for applications where you need to keep inexperienced users safe.  Not ideal for very windy conditions for the RW3.4.  Always used on the RW0.5


Product Details

  • 3.4-m2 Cultivation area

  • 950-liter volume

  • 0.3-m elevation from pond bottom

  • New integrated center divider

  • AUTOMATIC paddle wheel slip

  • Transparent paddle wheel

  • UV resistant plastic

  • Floor drains

  • Washdown gear motor

  • Plastic rack


RW22 MBE Algae Raceway 22m2
RW29 Algae Raceway 28m2

PreFab Algae Raceways up to 101 m²

This first-of-a-kind prefabricated Algae Raceway featuring APIAC technology is intended for medium to large-scale operations.  Take the guesswork out of building your own algae raceways with these patent-pending modular algae ponds, ranging in size from 22 to 101 m² (6.5 to 30 m³).  Don't waste your time designing from scratch, sourcing the materials from countless vendors, then dealing with complicated custom installations. 

RW22-RW101 sizes are sold as complete and integrated systems including containment walls, liner, paddle wheels, and optional control systems.  Installation is quick and painless with no specialty labor or contractors needed. The only site requirements are level, compacted ground and a 110-230 VAC, 50-60Hz power source.

Accelerate your scale-up 

Algae raceway

Prefabricated Algae Raceways 

  • Quick and easy assembly

  • No civil construction required aside from a leveled and compacted site

  • No specialized contractors required

Modular design

  • Variable lengths to meet area requirements

  • Every critical piece of the system was designed from the ground up to work together

  • Entire system can be relocated as needs change

Algae Raceways come in twelve different sizes

Algae Raceway Details

*All lengths are inside dimensions

Modular Algae Raceway comes in 12 Sizes
Detailed sizes for RW22-RW101 Algae Raceway Ponds MicroBio Engineering

Drop-in Liner

  • Factory fabricated liner custom pre-fitted for your Algae Raceway 

  • No field welding or sealing

  • NSF61 potable water grade liner




Drop in liner for Algae Raceway

Robust steel wall and support system

  • Strong corrosion resistant materials

  • Complies with international import regulations

Steel wall and support system for Algae Raceway
Paddlewheel for Algae Raceway

Pre-assembled paddle wheel

  • 316 Stainless steel paddle wheel for superior corrosion resistance and long life

  • Gearmotor and control box are delivered ready to run

Center divider and turning vanes for Algae Raceway

Center divider and turning vanes

  • Drop-in liner contains a baffle curtain style center divider

  • Turning vanes decrease dead zones and improve mixing efficiency

  • Additional turning vanes can easily be added and all vanes can be repositioned as desired

Algae raceway debris screen

Debris Screen

  • Removable 316 stainless steel debris screen prevents objects from entering paddle wheel zone

APIAC is a registered trademark of Colorado Lining International

RW1,000, RW2,000, RW4,000

The largest raceways that MBE provides are pre-designed Algae Raceways which have an area of 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000-m2.  These ponds utilize earthen -type construction and a new composite paddle wheel.

MicroBio Engineering Algae Raceway Paddle wheel


The patent pending FRP paddle wheel is significantly lighter than alternative metal shaft designs, which allows for longer unsupported lengths and reduced overall construction costs in large scale raceway systems. Metal paddle wheels require custom welding and heavy equipment to install, whereas the FRP paddle wheel can be assembled in the field using standard hardware and hand labor.  

FRP is highly corrosion resistant, which allows operation in the harshest conditions, including salt water cultures, at substantially lower costs than 316 stainless steel.  UV resistant and food-safe coatings improve longevity and reduce maintenance requirements.

The newly designed paddle wheel was a collaboration between MicroBio Engineering Inc and Colorado Lining International Inc.    

Algae raceway MicroBio Engineering RW4000

Improved Paddle Wheel can be:

  • Installed without the need of heavy equipment;
  • Easily replaced if damaged using basic hand tools;
  • Shipped very efficiently in parts and pieces including overseas ocean container freight;
  • Installed in harsh environments because of the high corrosion resistance;
  • Longer and unsupported lengths can be achieved than heavier steel shaft paddle wheels

Pre-designed Algae Raceway means that all materials are provided including:

  • Construction plan set
  • Paddle wheel, motor, mounting hardware, inverter
  • Plastic membrane liner

Onsite earth grading, compaction, and small amount of concrete must be completed by customer.  

Control Systems

pH Control

Control pH with our Neptune Apex control system.  CO2 dosing is automated with adjustable set points. pH electrodes are standard BNC type connections which allow for affordable routine replacement.  All controls are custom installed and pre-programmed in a non-metallic weather-proof enclosure.  The large size of the enclosure allows for multiple control modules and motor controllers to share a single enclosure reducing the price.  The enclosures come standard with a fan cooling system and an emergency stop switch.  Wall mounting hardware is supplied standard or the enclosure can be mounted directly to any paddle wheel frame for an RW22-101.


We ship worldwide

We follow ISPM15 international shipping rules, no wood is used in our products