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MicroBio Engineering is a leader in algae related technical services

We help grow your algae business

MicroBio Engineering (MBE), Inc. is a consulting and engineering firm specializing in the design and construction of algae ponds for wastewater reclamation, biofuel production, microalgae feeds and specialty products.


The MBE, Inc. team is highly experienced, drawing on over 60 years of experience by its Founders in microalgae biotechnology, from molecular biology and biochemistry to large-scale cultivation and civil/environmental engineering. We understand the challenges of achieving high performance with complex biological processes to meet productivity goals and regulatory limits.

Our clients are mainly Fortune 100 firms in industries such as water, petroleum, aviation, and agriculture. Our expertise extends from fundamental laboratory research through large-scale system engineering. We provide full services from R&D plans and project development to detailed engineering designs, training, and operations manuals.



Our services include preparation of engineering studies from initial feasibility through detailed design and specification. We support process and product development from laboratory to full scale with municipal, commercial, and university partners in the US and worldwide. Our algae based RNEW® system allows wastewater recycling at lower cost and energy consumption than conventional treatment methods while reclaiming nutrients and producing algae biomass feedstock.


MicroBio Engineering is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists that provides process design, site selection, equipment layout, process and instrumentation, equipment and material specification, and cost estimating services for microalgae systems. MicroBio engineers have designed some of the world’s largest microalgae wastewater facilities.

MicroBio Engineering, Inc. is an industry leading provider of the research and development support for clients advancing near and midterm algae biomass technologies. MicroBio team members have published hundreds of papers on microalgae biomass production, strain selection, biofuels, and facility design. This substantial experience supports clients around the world in microalgae technology development.

MicroBio Engineering, Inc. has developed proprietary techno-economic (TEA) and life cycle (LCA) models to provide quick and cost effective data on algae production for fuels, feed, nutraceuticals, wastewater treatment, and more. The MicroBio Engineering, Inc. team has published many technical papers on TEA and LCA of algae production and processing facilities.

MicroBio Engineering, Inc. provides state of the art algae biomass production equipment from laboratory scale to full scale. MicroBio is partnered with Colorado Lining International, the leading liner company, which has experience installing liners for a multitude of applications across the globe. MicroBio provides start-up, training, operation and maintenance manuals, and troubleshooting services.

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